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What is Naturopathic Emotional Release (NER)

I just wanted to let you know about an amazing tool I've been learning since June. It’s called Naturopathic Emotional Release or NER and its a tool to help identify and integrate underlying emotional blocks. These underlying emotions can contribute to disharmony in the body leading to symptoms or undesirable patterns or behaviours in the subconscious. NER is a process of assessing the subconscious through muscle testing and integrating through acupuncture points and Emotional Freedom Technique points. I've found it's a key missing link to achieving your goals.

Being a holistic practitioner a tool like NER to help integrate emotional blocks for you to truly improve your health is a game changer. Emotional health needs to be addressed for wellbeing and NER is a tool to safely integrate underlying emotional blocks in an effective and simple way.

There are many reasons why the body and nervous system can become stressed. This stress can impact the functioning of organs and systems in the body, it can affect and influence our behaviours and it can also affect mood and mental health.

If the underlying driver of your symptom, stress or sabotage pattern is an emotion, it is important to address that emotion or otherwise the body won't completely recover or completely resolve that symptom. And you will find your health will not recover completely.

Taking herbs, nutrients and recommending lifestyle interventions are obviously key steps but addressing the emotions or stress pattern with NER is also a very important and vital piece of the puzzle.

NER is an important tool to help you with certain behaviours and identify sabotage patterns. I can identify if your behaviour is due to a stress response and if so, help address that pattern by processing the emotion that drives that behaviour. When these behaviours or sabotage patterns are integrated it can be easier to achieve your goals and feel better.

A bonus with NER is that it is done in an efficient way and you don’t have to go into detail or talk about anything that is coming up if you are uncomfortable with that or you may love the fact that you can have insight to what the subconscious is holding on to and can have a safe space to talk about your emotions and have a chance to unpack and talk out these feelings, emotions or events.

Because of the NER process, the emotions are integrated in the session and you usually leaves with a sense of lightness.

If you would like to experience this technique, we can do this within our Naturopathic consultations or in a separate NER consult, just book in for a standard follow on consult and let me know you'd like to try NER.

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