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  • Kirsty Bednar

Mum's Chicken Soup


1 Tablespoon of olive oil 6 organic chicken drumsticks or a whole chicken (I just find the drumsticks a bit easier) 2 cloves of garlic 1 large onion 1 litre of organic liquid chicken stock 1 swede 1 turnip 1 sweet potato 2 parsnips 3 large carrots ¼ pumpkin 2 choco's ½ bunch celery Bunch of parsley Bunch of spinach Celtic sea salt


  1. First, I chop all the vegetables into roughly 1 cm cubes and place in a large bowl. Chop parsley and spinach and put in a separate bowl.

  2. In a large stainless steel saucepan sauté the garlic and onion in the olive oil then add the drumsticks for a few minutes to brown slightly.

  3. Add the vegetables to the saucepan then pour in the stock and enough water to cover. Bring to a boil then simmer until the veggies are tender and the chicken is starting to fall off the bones. As its cooking you can skim the frothy fat off the top every now and then.

  4. Take the drumsticks out with tongs and place in a bowl to cool. Then remove all the meat from the bones and place back into the soup.

  5. Add the fresh parsley and spinach at the end just to cook for a few minutes and celtic sea salt to your taste.

  6. Cooking time around 2 hrs on the stove.

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