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a 21-day program to reset your health habits and renew your vitality through wholefoods eating and cleansing 

Winter Wellness Reset

"Winterise your Health Reset"

20th of July 


Master the Foundations of a Vibrant and Healthy Life

Accelerate the path to your best health

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An impactful 3-week step by step program guided and
delivered by qualified Naturopath

Kirsty Bednar

You've been thinking of improving your health for a while but.......

You know you want to make some changes, but it seems so hard, and you don’t know where to start?

Do you wake up unrefreshed in the mornings because you don’t get good quality sleep?

You might be struggling with digestive symptoms such as bloating, sluggish bowels or irritable

bowel syndrome?

Is your brain foggy at times and do you find it difficult to concentrate and remember things?

if you're saying YES to these things then you need the Winter Wellness Reset

Hi I’m Kirsty and I created the Health Reset

I saw a need for a simple, easy and super effective health program to help kickstart your health goals.

Many clients have already done this program and achieved great results and I’m excited to offer it to you too.

Come join me for the 3-week Winter Wellness Reset, we start on the 9th of July.

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What I noticed over years of being in practice is that a lot of people that come to see me to help them overcome their health issues and restore their bodies back to harmony are in need of overhauling their diets and lifestyle habits, they’re needing to reduce their toxic burden, they’re needing to move their bodies more, get better sleep and learn how to reduce their stress just as a starting point.

Also, I noticed that even people with the best intention, who seem highly motivated to change seem
to stop before they have implemented all the necessary changes to improve their health because life gets in the way, or it takes too long to make the changes and they aren’t seeing results fast enough and fall off the wagon.

That's why I created a 21-day program that can help you jumpstart the process of making changes that would typically take several months.

With me holding your hand and being in a supportive community of other like-minded people on the same journey you will be immersed in a process where you will be putting that focus on your health as a priority, and it will help you to set up these habits for the long term and therefore achieve your
health goals much faster!

Here's what the  Reset is going to give you:

>> The ability to kick those stubborn couple of kilos of body fat

      you can’t seem to lose

>> Reduced brain fog and improved clarity of mind

>> Improved mood, less anxiety and depression.

>> The ability to deal with stressful situations calmer and with ease

>> Better sleep and wake feeling more refreshed

>> Reduced bloating and improved bowel function

If you would like to feel like this then it's likely the Winter Wellness Reset can benefit you too!

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Clients who have completed the Health Reset report that they feel lighter, more comfortable in their digestive system, their bowels eliminate better, they have more energy, sleep more soundly, wake more refreshed, have a clearer mind and feel calmer.

They’ve kicked their sugar and caffeine addiction and no longer use foods as a way to cope with stress or difficult emotions.

Hear from Past clients who have completed the Health Reset program

spa stones
“The Health Reset program was fantastic! So many changes in a short period, enough of a
taste that I have decided to stay on the path.”

Lenore K, Newcastle

The Health Reset is the best way to accelerate the path to achieving optimal health

This is what's included in the Winter Wellness Reset

a 21-day program to reset your health habits, repair your cells and renew your health and
vitality through a nourishing, wholefoods eating and cleansing program
Private Facebook community for extra support and accountability

5 x videos of learnings & tips on how to implement the foundations for good health long term

A weekly 1-hour LIVE Q&A on ZOOM (3 sessions in total and replay available)

Access to me daily on the Facebook group over the 3 weeks ​​

Winter Wellness Reset program guide

Winter Wellness Reset recipes

Winter Wellness Reset Vegetarian recipes 

Winter Wellness Reset shopping list


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Smoothie recipe book

Looking for some delicious and healthy smoothie recipes? Look no further! My smoothie recipe book is packed with tasty and nutritious options that are perfect for any time of day. From fruity favourites to protein-packed powerhouses, I've got you covered. 

Mexican Food

Food and Mood Journal

A food and mood journal is a great way to track how the foods you eat affect your emotions and overall well-being. By keeping a record of what you eat and how you feel, you can identify and make adjustments to your diet that can help you feel your best. 

Listening to Music

Sleep guide

I understand how important it is to get a good night's sleep, so I've put together some tips and tricks to help you achieve just that. From creating a relaxing bedtime routine. I've got you covered. Sweet!


daily health habits checklist

To help you implement changes ensuring that they become a lasting part of your lifestyle.

Group Lecture

Winter Wellness Reset Price 

The Winter Wellness Health Reset


Balancing Rocks

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