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Next Program running 13 - 27 Feb 2023
Renew your health and vitality in a clear, step by step, guided and supported way to quickly and easily get you started on the path to achieving your BEST health.


Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • Are you struggling to shift weight?

  • Do you suffer with digestive symptoms such as bloating, sluggish bowels or irritable bowel syndrome?

  • Do you have multiple allergies or food intolerances or suspect you have food intolerances and don’t know what to?

  • Are you experiencing irregular periods, PMS, period pain?

  • Is your brain foggy at times and do you find it difficult to remember things?

  • Is anxiety or mood imbalance disrupting your wellbeing?

  • Do you wake up unrefreshed from sleep or not get good quality sleep?

  • Do you ever self-medicate with food, caffeine, alcohol or sugar to cope with stress?

  • Are you feeling tired a lot of the time?

  • Have you succumbed to any of the nasty viruses this past year and haven’t fully recovered?

What are the outcomes you can expect from working with me?

  • Renewed health and vitality

  • Reduced bloating and improved bowel function

  • Weight loss if needing to lose

  • Improved energy

  • Knowledge on the right foods for your body

  • Sleep more soundly

  • Feel more calm

  • The ability to deal with stressful situations with more calm and ease

  • Reduced brain fog and improved clarity of mind

  • Improved mood, less anxiety and depression

  • You will be even more aligned to live your soul’s purpose when your physical health is optimal 

  • You will be more in tune with your body and realising symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance

  • You will make your health your highest value

I know you’re here because you value your health and want to be at your BEST! 

  • Are you in the realm of working with clients through spiritual channeling or healing and ever feel that your connection is decreased or even blocked sometimes due to your physical health?

  • Are you a successful business owner and haven't had the time to focus on your health?

  • Are you a busy Parent who hasn't been making their health a priority?

  • Are you planning on trying to conceive in the next 12 months?

  • Do you have good intentions with starting a new health program or regime but fall off the wagon when life gets in the way?

  • Do you lack support and motivation to make and maintain changes to better your health?


  • Do you have a thirst for learning about how you can be at your BEST health?

  • Are you someone who places a high value on their health and is committed to improving it?

  • Are you proactive about your health and don’t wait for a crisis to happen before making changes?

If you answered YES to any one of these then my Health Reset Program is for YOU!

My Health Reset is the best way to start you on your health journey, clear the mud off the windscreen so you can get a clearer view of where your health is at and accelerate getting on the path to achieving optimal health.


" I started going to Kirsty as I was feeling overweight, sluggish and getting recurring health issues.


I was concerned moving away from the traditional medical model but knew that wasn't working for me. I was apprehensive at first following this new path but Kirsty put me at ease, explained every step and included me in my health decisions.


I chose Kirsty as other friends were getting great results working with her and spoke so positively of their experience.


I started to see improvements within six weeks and the changes were worth the adjustment to my lifestyle. I had more energy, slept better and felt a level of contentment with myself. Plus, I lost weight too.


I would thoroughly recommend Kirsty if you ready for empathic and holistic health care. You will reap the benefits.


Best wishes to all working with Kirsty on your health journey. She will guide you effortlessly with her wealth of knowledge."


Michelle T


I was in a high stress job and I was operating on pure adrenaline when I first meet Kirsty. 

To be honest I hadn’t recognised just how ‘busy’ and stressed I was. I didn’t realise there was another way.


I would never have considered doing it alone as I had no knowledge or experience of natural treatments 


I saw almost immediate gains although the new healthier regime took some getting used to. Dropping sugar, gluten, dairy and yeast improved my gut health and also helped me lose weight. Kirsty also put me on supplements that addressed my stress and helped me get a good night’s sleep.


To follow a naturopathic program completely is an investment and I would only suggest it for people who are willing to follow through and make the commitment to their health. It is definitely worthwhile as a I would rather invest in natural health than medications.

The greatest gift of my treatment was wellness. By following the process and improving my diet, activities and outlook I dropped dress sizes and biological years.


I also developed a state of calm and a greater sense of myself


I have sent others to Kirsty as I believe her approach can help others live their best lives.


Meredith V


I came to Kirsty wanting help with inside balance, headaches, fertility issues and auto immunity and didn’t want to go through another operation.

As a result of working with Kirsty I came to understand my body better, enhance my knowledge of what foods my body responds better to leading to less bloating, more energy and less headaches.

Kirsty is easy to talk to and is understanding on many levels, she helps in ways you feel most comfortable and works with what you can afford.

Nichol D

Introducing My Reset, Repair and Renew Health Challenge

A 2-week immersion to reset your health habits, repair your cells and renew your health and vitality.

Learn and implement the FIVE pillars to achieving optimal health.

In a supported environment you will successfully implement the changes that lead you to better health.


You will gain knowledge and implement the foundations to achieving optimal health.


This program accelerates your ability to get on the path to optimising your health.

You will be committed to keep the balance with your health.

You will feel lighter, more comfortable in your digestive system, have energy, sleep soundly, wake more refreshed, have improved mental clarity, can relax your mind and body easily.

When you join this challenge/program you'll get the benefit of:

5 x videos of learnings & tips on how to implement the Five Pillars as well as a weekly 1 hour LIVE ZOOM meeting to check in and answer any of your questions through the week. 


A private, intimate Facebook group so you can be supported, ask questions and share conversations in a safe space.

My 17 years of experience as a Naturopath helping people like you achieve optimal health.

I will take you through the Five Pillars to achieving optimal health


Diet and Nutrition

Healthy Lifestyle

Body movement

Natural Medicines

Reducing Environmental Toxins


  • Bonus 1. Specially formulated 2 week done for you meal plan with 34 recipes (Valued at $120)

  • Bonus 2. 8 extra vegan recipes (Valued at $19)

  • Bonus 3. A daily checklist for implementing the changes (Valued at $9)

     Total Value $149

What's included in the program 1

What's included in the program

  • 2-week program

  • Like-minded Facebook community for extra support and accountability

  • 5 x videos of learnings & tips on how to implement the Five Pillars (Valued at $280)

  • 2 x once weekly 1-hour LIVE mentoring and Q&A's on ZOOM (recorded if you can't make the session) (Valued at $280)

  • Access to me daily on the Facebook group over the 2 weeks 

  • 2 key Nutritional and Herbal formulas for detoxification posted to you in the week prior to starting (Valued at $180)

  • Optional 3-day juice fast in the middle of the program

  • Bonus - Specially formulated 2 week done for you meal plan with 34 recipes (Valued at $120)

  • Bonus – 8 extra recipes including vegan options (Valued at $19)

  • Bonus – daily checklist to help you implement changes (Valued at $9)

Investment $497 (Total Value $888)

About me

Kirsty is a highly qualified Naturopath with a BHSc (Complementary Medicine) and Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy. She is the founder of EmpowerU Natural Health Clinic. 

With Kirsty’s tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of Natural Medicine, she discovers the unique needs of her clients to empower them to become their own best health expert and achieve their ultimate health potential leading to her higher soul’s mission of protecting the DNA of future generations.

Kirsty’s own transformative healing journey has led her to dedicate the last 20 years to understanding the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. She combines the use of cutting edge tools, including gene testing, and the latest scientific breakthroughs in natural medicines with ancient traditional wisdom that optimise the body’s own healing power to achieve extraordinary health.

Kirsty lives in Newcastle, Australia, with her husband and two young sons.

@kirstynaturopath | Linktree

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for you:

  • If you are just starting on your health journey

  • If you have been on your health journey for quite a while and need a reboot

  • If you have succumbed to any of the viruses that have been around in this past year and not yet feel 100% since

  • If you are wanting to detox for preconception health

  • If you want to kick food or sugar addictions

  • If you have brain fog

  • If you feel you are just not functioning at your best

  • If you need a kickstart to prioritising your health habits

  • If you feel you have a high toxin load

  • If you are feeling heavy, sluggish, bloated, tired and in a rut

  • If you want renewed energy and vitality

  • If you want to be a clearer channel for your highest guidance

Who is this challenge not for?

This challenge isn’t for you:

  • If you aren’t willing to put your health first

  • If you aren’t willing to invest time and $ into improving your health

  • If you’re not open to making diet and lifestyle changes

  • If you’re not open to showing up within a group environment 

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding


I would recommend Kirsty to anyone that is looking to see a naturopath to improve their health and well-being.

My experience as a patient with Kirsty goes back to around 2010. I was not feeling well, getting sick far too often and wanted to get my general health back on track.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience she got me back on track and feeling better than I have for a long time. The difference I think is that she truly cares about each patient and is a true professional at what she does.

Michael M


My husband and I first went to see Kirsty for help with getting our health back on track. I suffer with Lipodema and other issues and my husband has a lot of skin conditions and we both had gut issues. Now one year on and we have a healthy gut and we can tolerate foods that used to set us off in a bad way. My husband’s skin is a lot better and his toxin levels in his body has improved immensely. 


We have made many positive changes in our lives and we are reaping the benefits. Kirsty’s knowledge is fantastic and she shares this with her clients. If she is not fully aware of an issue Kirsty makes it a priority to find out as much as she can to assist you in your wellness journey. 


I can honestly say that Kirsty is the best and most knowledgeable Naturopath I have ever been to and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is concerned about their health.


Sharon F


I was consulting with another Naturopath who went on to mentor other Naturopaths. Kirsty was the naturopath she recommended I see. 

I was suffering from an autoimmune condition which affected my skin. I also suffer from major depression and anxiety. These things combined cause me a lot of fatigue.

With Kirstys help we have been able to identify certain conditions I have and treat them appropriately. 

In order to make the most of my investment in my health, I need to be honest with Kirsty and myself in voicing my issues and problems, which is not always easy to do. 

I find Kirsty to be very professional and experienced. Being a mother to young children herself, she understands the pressures of everyday life and is realistic in recommending treatments. 

I recommend Kirsty to anyone who has an interest in improving their wellbeing. 


Liz A

FAQ's You Might be thinking?

Will there be supplements I need to take on the program?

Yes, there are two Nutritional and Herbal formulas for detoxification in powdered form. They can be mixed together in chilled water or made up as a smoothie and taken twice a day.

Can I do the program if I’m on pharmaceutical medications?

There are very few medications that will interact with the formulas, normally they just need to be taken well away from other medications and prior to signing up I will be able to determine for you if they will be suitable. Just shoot me a message on Facebook, email or through my website. 

Do I have to do the juice fasting? 

No, this part is completely optional, and I can also advise during the program whether this would be suitable for you. 

  • 2-week program

  • Like-minded Facebook community for extra support and accountability

  • 5 x videos of learnings & tips on how to implement the Five Pillars (Valued at $280)

  • 2 x once weekly 1-hour LIVE mentoring and Q&A's on ZOOM (recorded if you can't make the session) (Valued at $280)

  • Access to me daily on the Facebook group over the 2 weeks 

  • 2 key Nutritional and Herbal formulas for detoxification posted to you in the week prior to starting

(Valued at $180)

  • Optional 3-day juice fast in the middle of the program

  • Bonus - Specially formulated 2 week done for you meal plan with 34 recipes (Valued at $120)

  • Bonus – extra recipes including vegan options ($19)

  • Bonus – daily checklist to help you implement changes ($9)


Investment $497 (Total Value $888)

What's included in the program

What's included in the program 2
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